The project born from the desire of the director of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Iran (ISIAO - ISMEO), Prof. Maurizio Tosi, to collect on a single digital system the data from the two most important missions carried out: Shahr-i and Sokhta Tepe Hissar. In addition, we want the old data can be inspiration for new ideas, studies and developments of the Archeological work in this beautiful and troubled country. All data, articles, theses and images are available free of charge through the web site and, upon request, can be downloaded.

After the death of Professor Tosi we decided to keep the project open as he wanted. In these years (2013-2017), no institution wanted to support the idea that it could not develop as we wanted. In any case, the Minerva Association will continue to support the initiative. If you want to help us contact us. Your help will be greatly appreciated.