Curated by T. Saccone and C. Margherita

The OS-Culture.org project stems from our need to develop a tool that allows the sharing, with the best digital technologies, of the works developed by the Minerva Association in the Cultural and archaeological field.

We realized that relying on specialized companies was against our needs. In fact, with high costs to support, we would have to adapt the contents of our processing to their web management system. But our desire was just the opposite; Create a data organization system that fits the hosted processing. Working in autonomy has definitely lengthened the time of processing the system but now we guarantee an extreme flexibility and better management of the data. All at a cost accessible to any institution, public or private, interested in using digital technologies to study, enhance, protect and promote cultural and archaeological heritage. The elaboration of the computer structure has been curated from the beginning by Tommaso Sacconi adopting JOOMLA 3 and WordPress (two Open Source CMS) that with their infinite number of plug-ins and with their extreme simplicity of use guarantees the possibility, to Any cultural institution, to share the acquired data. Furthermore, the Minerva Association, together with the creation of top-level domains, will provide the necessary training for the management, in complete autonomy, of the application. Since all the OS-Culture.org work is part of an elaborate master’s degree, until the discussion, we will not be able to release the technical specifications and installation files. To date all those who wish to adopt the project can contact the cultural association Minerva, which at the cost price, will give you the opportunity to install and manage the CMS. Just an email to get information on the costs and possibilities of development minervassociazione@gmail.com

To promote collaboration between institutions and professionals of culture, the Minerva Association has decided to guarantee the gratuity of the system, we release all the work at the cost price. Only the costs we support (Web space, working hours…) will be invoiced. All those who want to adopt the system must ensure two things: the scientificity of published content and the release of content published under CC by license once the data have been published in Specialized magazine. We believe that only through sharing is it possible to enrich knowledge and promote a culture that is truly within the reach of everyone and not just of a few “elect”.

 The project:


 This new method for managing cultural and archaeological data was adopted in 2013 by the Mission in Turkmenistan of the Department of Culture and Civilisation of Bologna, managed by Dr. Barbara Cerasetti, Professor Carreon and Professor Tosi. The section Turkmenistan was closed, by the will of Dr. Barbara Cassidy, only 5 days after the death of Professor Maurizio Tosi who had desired the project and created the Mission in Turkmenistan. We think this behavior has been nothing short of sad. We are confident that we can re-submit the content related to Turkmenistan in the near future.

The second case of application, always in the academic field, was the system established for the mission in Iran managed by Professor Maurizio Tosi. During the development of the Iran section we started a collaboration with Dr. David Meier in relation to the archaeological site of Shahdad. Here you can access the excavation documentation of the archaeological sites of Shahr-i Sokhta, Tepe Hissar and Shahdad.

The third case of application, always realized thanks to the interest of Prof. Maurizio Tosi, is given by the elaboration of a system for the mission in Oman. Here you will find many topographic and geological maps related to the Omani territory freely downloadable. You can also access the excavation documentation and numerous 3d processing of the archaeological sites of Ra’s Al Jinz, Ra’s al Hamra and Sinaw.

In 2015 we also released another case of application in the territorial sphere; Ravenna: Culture and tourism. With this application we wanted to test mainly 3d scanning technologies in the service of the enhancement and communication of the city’s artistic beauties. The development of the project on Ravenna has been developed and realized in complete autonomy by the Minerva Association. We have in principle attempted to involve public bodies (municipality of Ravenna and Province of Ravenna, National Museum) and Private (Fondazione Flaminia, Dante’s museum) but nobody decided to support and support the initiative. In Several cases the work has been hampered by its leaders. In addition to the work on Ravenna we have released “demos” about the cities of Florence and Rimini.

In 2017 OS-Culture was used by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of Yerevan (IAE NAS RA) for the communication of data on the necropolis of Karashamb. You have free access to the beautiful images and descriptions related to the single tombs until now dug. The work was developed by the Italian archaeological Mission in the South Caucasus (ISMEO) directed by Dr. Roberto Dan.


Buy our models and support us

To finance the project OS-Culture and the “Fondo Tosi” the association Minerva decided to put on sale some of the 3d models made in recent years. The catalogue is constantly updated. The cost of each model is symbolic and varies between 10 dollars and 50 dollars based on detail and quality of processing. All proceeds will be used for an overall update of OS-Culture and its complete translation.

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