The project “” stems from the experience gained by the Minerva Cultural association with the elaboration of heritage On Line, a web platform suitable to store, organize and publish data and information related to the archaeological heritage and Cultural. The study of these technologies was fundamental for the development of the “Fondo Tosi.” A free archive for the organization of archaeological data collected during the career of the teacher.

The CMS O.S.-Culture can be adopted by anybody, association or individual that works in the field of research, valorization and protection of cultural heritage. Through a responsible sharing of the data it will be possible to have a true contextualization of the cultural information, accessible in real time with any device suitable to surf on the Internet.

In the field of cultural heritage and archaeology it is necessary to have a real digital revolution, that is not limited only to the acquisition of the data but also to deal with their organization and dissemination. It serves a social and professional change that leads to a real “liberalization” of knowledge.

The instruments adopted for the publication of archaeological studies are often inadequate, the printed paper is no longer sufficient to communicate the numerous digital content that characterizes the cultural research. It is necessary an evolution in the communication of the archaeological data and Internet could be an effective tool to share information. This solution  guarantees a global and instantaneous access to the data. Archaeology, like any other discipline, must also adapt to technological developments and find new communication solutions. If not, it will become the closed and elitist discipline that has been for centuries.


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